The health of our skin, our immune cells and digestive tract rely on this mineral
Essential for proper immune function
Beneficial for age-related immune issues
Interferes with virus replication
Limited window to be effective before too late
Immunity Support*
5.5 mg
Of daily value

Zinc is a vital mineral that plays a role in our growth and immune function

Why do we need trace minerals?

Trace minerals are essential to the human body. But unlike other essential minerals like potassium or calcium we only need very small amounts of these. After iron, zinc is the second most common trace metal our body needs. We can only get zinc through our diet and our bodies don’t store it as easily as other minerals.

Zinc is an important trace mineral that so many systems in our body rely on to function properly. The health of our skin, our immune cells, digestive tract, and more rely on this mineral. Zinc is a building block that helps our body construct new cells and DNA which tell our body how it’s supposed to work. We included it in Future Proof for it’s benefits to immune cells and its role in fighting off viruses.

In our supplement, we use a specific type of zinc. Zinc can be tough for the body to absorb on its own. To make it easier for the body to use, our zinc is bonded with an amino acid (the stuff our bodies need to perform the chemical reactions that keep us functioning).


Helps your body figure out best ways to fight off viruses

Zinc plays an important job in helping our immune system fight off viruses and other threats (1). Zinc activates the immune system’s “T cells.” T cells help the immune system figure out what type of response is necessary to fight off foreign invaders to help heal our body. In people who are zinc deficient, T cells may not respond as effectively to fight threats to our immunity.


Supports your immune system’s first line of defense

When thinking about your immune system, your skin is a big physical barrier that protects your body from all of the germs in the world around you. When we get a cut or scrape, our body needs to repair it quickly to protect itself from infection. One of the building blocks of skin is collagen, and zinc is essential in rebuilding collagen in our bodies. Maintaining zinc levels may help wounds heal faster, reducing our chances of getting an infection (2).


Makes it difficult for viruses to replicate in your body

Zinc can reduce the ability of a virus to replicate in the human body. When a virus gets in our body, it tries to make more and more copies of itself, taking over healthy cells and making us sick. Zinc interferes with certain types of viruses' ability to do this in the human body. Zinc is most effective when it’s taken before you get sick. Making it important to replenish your body’s supply of zinc regularly.


Try to get some Zinc from diet

Zinc is available from a variety of common sources in our diet, like eggs, shrimp, and liver. The recommended dietary allowance of Zinc differs between men and women (4). In the United States, 8 milligrams (mg) per day is suggested for women. 11 mg per day is suggested for men.

We include 5.5 mg of zinc in Future Proof to supplement the zinc you may be getting from the food you eat.

Disclaimer: It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before you take any type of supplement. And if you experience any negative side effects when you are taking one, contact a healthcare expert immediately.



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    Zinc is such an important mineral for so many functions in our body, in particular, our immune system. The body doesn’t store zinc well or produce it on its own, so we felt it was an important ingredient to add to Future Proof.
    Supports immunity in the body
    Helps rebuild skin following injury
    Impacts virus replication in the body

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