Integral to healthy bones, kidney, muscles and a healthy body overall
Keep your bones strong and healthy
Filters waste and repairs tissue and cells
Easy to get from diet
Energy Production*
Bone Health*
Cell Protection*
170 mcg
From Phosphate Anhydrous
Of daily value

Phosphorus plays a vital role in bone health and energy production

Balancing phosphate and calcium

Phosphate and calcium work as an interesting team in the body. In our digestion, they limit the absorption of one another, so we get a proper balance (5). They’re needed in equal amounts for bone health. And together, they play a role in hormone regulation. It’s important to get enough of both of these minerals in our diet. The good news is, many food sources that are rich in calcium are also rich in phosphorus.

Phosphorus is an essential mineral that is mostly held within our bones and, to a smaller amount, in our soft tissues (the tissues surrounding our organs). We need it to make energy and it also keeps other parts of our body healthy by repairing tissue and filtering waste (1). We included it in Future Proof for it’s on-going benefits for maintaining a healthy body.

In our diet, we can get phosphorus from dairy products, like milk, cheese and yogurt. It’s also available in meat from chicken and fish and is present in some beans, nuts, and seeds. Our bodies need a lot of phosphorus, but many people living in the U.S. get enough through their diet (2).


Works with calcium to maintain healthy bones

Getting the right amount of phosphorus is critical for our bone health. It helps maintain bone mineral density, which can protect against fragility in our bones as we age (3). In our body, 80 percent of the phosphorus is stored within our bones and teeth. Phosphorus and calcium levels in our body are dependent on each other. If we have too little phosphorus, then our bones begin releasing stored calcium (4). This can cause weakened bones and possibly lead to kidney stones or heart issues. We included phosphorus in our supplement for its role in maintaining healthy bones.


Helps fuel your body’s cells

Each of our cells need energy, and phosphorus helps supply the fuel. There is a compound in our body called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). It’s an energy source responsible for muscle movement, nerve impulses, and making chemicals our body needs. Phosphorous is a primary component for creating ATP, which makes it a key energy source for our whole body.


Phosphorous is widely available in a number of foods

The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of phosphorus for adults is 700 milligrams (mg). In Future Proof, we include 170 mg. We use di-calcium phosphate anhydrous, which is derived from phosphonours and is easy for your body to absorb. Maintaining phosphorus levels in our body is important, but it is relatively easy to find in our diet.

Phosphorus is generally safe for people who do not have kidney problems (as our kidneys remove extra phosphorus from our bodies). Too much phosphorus causes stomach problems, fatigue, or joint pain. In excessive amounts, it can lead to heart disease and other medical complications, like hardening of organs.

Disclaimer: It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before you take any type of supplement. And if you experience any negative side effects when you are taking one, contact a healthcare expert immediately.



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Phosphorus supports many systems that keep our body healthy and functioning. It’s vital for the way our cells send messages within themselves and to the rest of the body. It helps keep our muscles moving, our bones strong, and plays a role in filtering waste in our kidneys. Additionally, it helps our bodies repair and maintain cells, so they can work efficiently.
Keep your bones strong and healthy
Filters waste and repairs tissue and cells
Easy to get from diet

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