Stimulates faster movement of electrical impulses for healthy brain function
Supports energy metabolism
Brain function may be improved
Supports antioxidant process
Important for maintaining good health
Brain Health*
2.1 mg
Of daily value

Manganese, an essential mineral with targeted antioxidant benefits

Manganese from plants or animals?

Manganese is available from plant and animal sources in our diet. However, in plants, the concentration of manganese is much higher (5). In general, the more processed a food is, the lower its magnesium content. For example, ingredients in white bread are more processed than whole wheat bread, so white bread has a lower manganese source. When thinking about your diet and manganese intake, food from plants generally has higher manganese sources than food from animals.

Manganese is a mineral that helps keep our body healthy in several ways (1). It does a good job of working with other elements to support the health of our bones, brain, immune system, and more. Healthy bones are more resilient to the occasional fall or tumble. Unhealthy bones can break easier making everyday tasks like cooking, bathing, and getting around so much more difficult while our bones heal.

Humans can’t produce manganese, so it’s essential that we maintain an adequate amount through diet or supplements. We can get manganese in our diet through pineapple, nuts, and rice, as well as from tea, chocolate, and seafood. It’s stored in our brain, kidneys, liver, and bones because our body uses it for so many different things. For its overall role in maintaining a healthy body, we included it in Future Proof.


A super antioxidant

There are lots of different kinds of antioxidants. These help our body deal with waste products leftover from normal cell function. Some of these waste products are more damaging than others. One of those particularly damaging waste products is called superoxide. One study has shown manganese can help break this damaging material into smaller components that are less harmful to our body (2). More research is needed, but manganese could play an important role in our health as an antioxidant.


Supports a healthy metabolism

When we eat, manganese may help enzymes in our metabolism send important messages to other parts of the body, so we can make the most of our food. Specifically, it can play a role in helping us process carbohydrates, which provide our bodies with energy (3). Enzymes can regulate how fast the communications systems in our bodies send messages. Since manganese plays a role in enzyme production, it may have benefits for efficient communication between cells and systems in our body, but more research is needed in this area.


90 percent of your daily dose

The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of manganese for adults is different for men and women. The RDA for men is 2.3 milligrams (mg), and for women, it’s 1.8 mg. In Future Proof, we include 2.1 mg of manganese (in the form of manganese bisglycinate chelate), which is 90 percent of your daily dose.

Too much manganese can be toxic. It can cause headaches and reflex issues. In excessive doses, it can cause nerve damage and reproductive problems.

Disclaimer: It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before you take any type of supplement. And if you experience any negative side effects when you are taking one, contact a healthcare expert immediately.



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Manganese has many benefits to our overall health. Further areas of interest are currently being studied, like the role it may have in stimulating electrical impulses in our body (4). Manganese works with other vitamins and minerals to help carry out everyday biological processes. It is essential to our health and has long-term implications for our wellbeing as we age.
Supports energy metabolism
Brain function may be improved
Supports antioxidant process
Important for maintaining good health

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