Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Future Proof just a multivitamin?

Short Answer: Future Proof is more than a multivitamin.

For most individuals, Future Proof serves as a replacement to an existing multivitamin, while including additional premium ingredients such as BetaVia and FloraGlo rarely found in a multivitamin.

What makes Future Proof much more than just a multivitamin is the quality of ingredients and the care that has gone into formulating it to support your health over long periods of time. Everything included and omitted from Future Proof has been done for very specific reasons, and consideration has gone into how much of each ingredient to include. Where nutrients are easy to attain from food, we’ve included less of them. Where nutrients are more difficult to acquire or higher volumes yield tremendous benefits - such as including the max recommended daily dose of Vitamin D for immune health - that is what we have done.

Why is Future Proof a great value?

At Future Proof we take the quality of our ingredients seriously. We look to science and nature to find results-based proof of the benefits for each ingredient we use. They’re prepared in a form that’s optimised for your body to use. This is not the cheap way to do it. But we’re investing in health for the long haul, which allowed us to make long-term commitments to source our ingredients from some of the best health and nutrient suppliers in the entire world.

Bought on their own, the Future Proof ingredients would cost $256 per month. Thanks to our supply agreements we can deliver a monthly carton of our superior supplement at a cost of $60, or just $2, for a convenient daily dose.

How many packs come in a box?

Each box comes with 30 daily packs of 3 pills. Once you’re near the end of your box, we’ll be preparing a new box to arrive before your month ends.

Do your vitamins contain dairy, gluten, nuts, or sugar?

Future Proof is dairy, gluten, nut, and sugar-free.

What kind of testing do you do on your vitamins?

Quality is at the core of Future Proof. All raw materials are sampled and tested upon their arrival at our manufacturing facility to ensure their purity and strength. Samples are again tested during the manufacturing process and again when manufacturing is complete to ensure each pill contains what’s on the label.

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