May reduce hunger and benefits blood sugar and cholesterol levels
May reduce hunger and cravings
May improve blood sugar
Cholesterol Support*
35 mcg
From polynicotinate
Of daily value

Chromium, an essential mineral with exciting possibilities

Chromium for weight loss?

There is still a lot to learn about the benefits of chromium for various systems in our body. Because of chromium’s impact on insulin, and insulin’s role in metabolism, research has been done on whether chromium can help you lose weight or gain muscle. At this point, however, it doesn’t look like studies show major benefits for chromium and your physique. (4)

Chromium is a mineral that our bodies need, but only in very small amounts (1). Both high and low blood sugar can cause heart and health problems. Chromium can help keep this under control. It’s important to note that there are two types of chromium. One is found in food and has benefits to our body. The other type is a product of pollution and is toxic. So, when we are talking about chromium in the context of Future Proof, we are talking about the kind that is used in our body.

Chromium is available in our food, but generally in small amounts. However, since the body doesn't need much, that’s okay. You can find it in things like broccoli, grape juice, or garlic. Research is being done to fully understand the benefits of chromium and the roles it plays in our health. We have included it in Future Proof for its possible benefits for cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


May help moderation of blood sugar

Scientists have been studying chromium for decades to try and better understand both the role it plays in our body and its possible benefits. Studies have shown that chromium can enhance the action of insulin (2). Insulin is used by our bodies to turn blood sugar into energy. In healthy people, insulin helps regulate our blood sugar levels. If we have too much blood sugar, it can damage our blood vessels, leading to a variety of problems, including stroke and heart disease. Chromium may not be a fix-all for insulin absorption issues in all people. However, in some studies, it has been shown that chromium supplements may lower some of the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease (3).


Lowers cholesterol in some tests

In animal tests, there has been a link between low chromium levels and high cholesterol. High cholesterol can cause plaque to build up in our body, clogging arteries and putting us at risk for heart problems and more. However, in human studies, the relationship between chromium levels and cholesterol is less clear. In some cases, chromium supplements resulted in improvements related to cholesterol, and in others, there was no change. More study is needed in this area, but since chromium supplements are generally safe for most people, it may be worth trying for its possible cholesterol benefits.


100% of your daily dose

The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of chromium is different for adult men and women. For men, 35 micrograms (mcg) is recommended. For women, it’s 25 mcg. In Future Proof, we include 35 micrograms of chromium, which is 100 percent of your daily dose. We use a form called chromium polynicotinate, which is easier for your body to use.

Chromium polynicotinate is generally safe for most people. It may react with certain medications, and if you have too much, you may experience stomach pain. In excessively high doses, it can lead to kidney and liver damage.

Disclaimer: It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before you take any type of supplement. And if you experience any negative side effects when you are taking one, contact a healthcare expert immediately.



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Chromium is a mineral that is under study to better understand its benefits. It has been shown to enhance insulin activation. Insulin affects how our body builds fat and muscles, which is one of the reasons why chromium is being further studied. We include it in Future Proof for its possible role in maintaining healthy blood sugar.
May reduce hunger and cravings
May improve blood sugar

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