Significantly enhances absorption of certain nutrients.
Improved absorption of nutrients
Potent antioxidant properties
May fight inflammation
Potential benefits to degenerative brain conditions
Enhanced Absorption*
10 mg
Piper nigrum extract

BioPerine® enhances absorption of key nutrients

Black pepper

BioPerine® is made from black pepper fruit. So, why can’t you just eat a lot of black pepper to get the nutrient absorption benefits of BioPerine®? It has to do with the way the beneficial part of black pepper is released. The hot and spicy sensation you get when you eat pepper comes from piperine. An extract from piperine, piper nigrum, is the primary agent at work in BioPerine®. In our supplement, it is what provides potential benefits for your body to be able to better absorb the nutrients and get their benefits. When we eat pepper in our diet, the helpful part found in BioPerine® remains contained inside of the pepper. It takes time for it to be released. So, in order to get the maximum absorption benefits of piperine, it has to come in the right form, at the right time, which is why the concentrated form found in BioPerine® is effective.

BioPerine® is made from black pepper and can help our body absorb nutrients better. Just because you eat a lot of healthy stuff and take all of your vitamins doesn’t necessarily mean your body is primed and ready to use all that good stuff. Studies show that an ingredient in black pepper can help your body absorb key nutrients.

BioPerine® has been shown to boost the absorption of certain nutrients in your body by at least 30 percent. Piperine, the key ingredient in BioPerine® that is extracted from black pepper, can help your body in other ways too. It is a potent antioxidant that can help fight inflammation and may have benefits to degenerative brain conditions.


Helps other ingredients do their job

There are many factors that affect how the body absorbs nutrients and vitamins. Age, immune health, and digestive health are just a few. Also, certain nutrients themselves can be easier or more difficult for our bodies to use. BioPerine® is the only product made from piper nigrum extract (black pepper) to receive a patent for its demonstrated ability to increase the body’s potential to absorb certain nutrients. This means when you supplement your diet with key ingredients, BioPerine® can increase your body’s ability to use them, making them work harder for you.


Fight inflammation and potent antioxidant benefits

When our body’s tissues are fighting off infections, germs, or viruses, they become stressed and swell. This is a necessary byproduct of our cells trying to overwhelm the threat to our body and remove injured tissues. Inflammation can result in redness, swelling, and joint pain in some people. Research into piperine, the source ingredient for BioPerine®, has shown it may have positive anti-inflammatory benefits. It can also work as a potent antioxidant, protecting your body from waste products that build up in your cells during normal body functions.


Is it safe?

Piperine, the source from black pepper from which BioPerine® is produced occurs naturally in the black pepper fruit.

Piperine may affect the absorption rate of various vitamins and minerals which could be good or bad depending on the needs of your body.

Black pepper has been used in traditional medicines throughout the world. BioPerine® is the only source of piperine to undergo clinical studies in the United States and other countries to back up its claims that it is safe for nutritional use. It has been studied and used for its nutrient absorption properties for more than 20 years.


Disclaimer: It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before you take any type of supplement. And if you experience any negative side effects when you are taking one, contact a healthcare expert immediately.


How big is the dose?

There is no specific recommended amount of piperine to consume daily. In order to get the benefits of piperine for nutrient absorption it is suggested you take between 0.088-0.176 mg piperine per pound of body weight. The manufacturer suggests a 5mg dose may have positive benefits when added to a supplement.


When BioPerine® is in your digestive system, it may boost the effectiveness of supplement ingredients by increasing their rate of absorption. Research has indicated BioPerine® enhances the absorption rate of nutrients by at least 30 percent. It is the only piperine source to undergo clinical studies to confirm its safe use as a health food product. The concentrated exact from piperine included in BioPerine® may provide health benefits in nutrient absorption and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.
Improves absorption in digestive system
20 years of research and study
Optimized nutrient delivery

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