BetaVia™ Complete

Support for a healthy immune system and digestive tract
A prebiotic fiber linked to the immune function
Fuels growth of good bacteria
Year-round immune system support
Supports digestive health
Immunity Support*
Recovery Time*
Digestive Health*
375 mg
As BetaVia®
US made
Euglena Gracilis

BetaVia™ Complete Provides year-round support for the immune system

Euglena gracilis (algae)

In our diets, we can get beta glucan from whole grains, certain mushrooms, and yeasts. In BetaVia™ Complete, the beta glucan comes from a very specific strain of fresh-water algae called Euglena gracilis. This algae is grown in vats of water under controlled conditions, so no negative environmental factors compromise the algae’s development and ability to produce beta glucans in high concentrations. Algae can have high nutritional value as a source of protein, vitamins, fatty acids, and carotenoids. This makes it a desirable source for producing the beta glucan used in supplements.

Beta glucans, a type of fiber that’s good for our bodies, may play an important role in keeping our immune system healthy. We source our beta glucans from seaweed, which is rich in protein, vitamins, and carotenoids (an important antioxidant) and is shown to support year-round immune health. 

With any supplement, you want to make the key ingredients easy for your body to use. In BetaVia™ Complete, the cell structure of beta glucan 1,3 is one that has particular benefits for interacting with the body’s immune cells. You can get beta glucans from eating mushrooms, or seaweed, or whole grains, but it can be tough to track how much beta glucan your body actually gets. The concentration can vary between two mushrooms or two slices of bread. A beta glucan supplement has been shown to strengthen your immune system.


Supports digestive health

Beta glucan is a fiber source and an important component of BetaVia™ Complete. Your body uses fiber to help control the speed food moves through your digestive system. When fiber moves slower, it gives your body more time to digest nutrients from your food. Slower digestion can also keep blood sugar levels more stable in your body.


Fuels the growth of good bacteria in the body

In our digestive tract, good bacteria is necessary to help break down our food into useful nutrients. It also plays an important role in overall health by reproducing to keep bad bacteria in check. BetaVia™ Complete may play a role in fuelling the growth of important good bacteria in the gut. Since the gut is also where most of the body’s immune cells are located, a healthy gut contributes to a healthy immune system.


BetaVia™ Complete primes key immune cells to keep the body healthy

BetaVia™ Complete is an algae-based beta glucan supplement with natural benefits for immune, digestive tract, and respiratory tract health. It contains Beta Glucan 1,3, a powerful prebiotic fiber that is strongly linked to improving immune function.


Is it safe?

Beta glucan is present in many foods we consume daily, like oats, mushrooms, and certain plants and vegetables.

Beta glucan supplements may not be safe to take if you have diabetes or high blood pressure or if you are taking medications to suppress your immune system.

Disclaimer: It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before you take any type of supplement. And if you experience any negative side effects when you are taking one, contact a healthcare expert immediately.


How big is the dose?

There is no specific recommended amount of beta glucan to consume daily. In studies, subjects have been tested for daily doses ranging from 100-500 mg for targeting immune health*.

In our supplement, we include 375 mg dosage of BetaVia™ Complete.


Beta glucans play an important role in keeping our immune system, respiratory tract, and digestive tract healthy. BetaVia™ Complete uses a special, algae-sourced beta glucan to support year-round immune health. Research has shown this product can naturally enhance overall health by priming immune cells, fueling good bacteria in the gut, and supporting the health of intestinal cells.
Naturally supports immune health
Supports year-round immune health
Strengthens the body’s natural defenses
Supports respiratory tract health

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