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Our first priority when creating Future Proof was to strengthen our immunity with ingredients like BetaVia™ Complete, VegD3® and TRAACS®. We wanted the best foundation of nutrition in our bodies on a daily basis - especially to cover for the days when we pushed ourselves a bit extra or didn’t eat quite as good as we should have.

What we found beyond that was that as our micronutrient values shifted from Deficient to Good or Great, we suddenly had much more energy in the days. Our members also report greater ability to focus and concentrate on tasks after regularly taking Future Proof.

Apparently, having well-balanced nutritional values in your body makes a big difference to how you feel and think...who would have thought it!?


9 months of daily Future Proof use

These are a small selection of the blood values of our co-founder David - taken through SpectraCell Laboratories in July 2020 and then again April 2021 for comparison.


What could this mean for you?

What can you expect to see when these particular micro nutrients increase in your body?

Well, Vitamin D fights the flu and is directly linked to reducing depression, while Vitamin A helps preserve your eyesight and supports your immune system and general bone health.

Zinc actively prevents viruses, like the common cold, from multiplying when taken within the first 24h of contracting it, and Copper helps with transporting oxygen throughout the body.

Selenium’s benefits range from just being a badass antioxidant to preventing mental decline, while Vitamin E can be especially important if you spend time in the sun frequently, as it treats the aging effects from sun exposure on your skin.


Benefit breakdown: high level

As your micronutrients build up in your body, you may experience a wide range of benefits. The extent of these depends on your starting point, like your current health, existing micronutrient levels, and age. Here are some ballpark milestones to be aware of.

1-2 months: 
Rebuilding has begun. The systems in your body are getting used to a steady flow of quality nutrients. Your body is distributing and storing these vitamins in the areas it most needs to replenish. Soon, you will begin to notice everyday physical benefits.

3-6 months:
The vitamins are doing their job. You likely have noticed physical improvements. You have more clarity when working out complex problems. During exercise, you don’t get as tired. After physical tasks, you don’t need as much time to recover.

9-12 months:
Your body is at or near optimum levels for the vitamins and micronutrients it needs. Your energy levels and mood stay consistent throughout the day. You get sick less often and enjoy your daily activities with comfort and ease.


Benefit breakdown: Deep dive

If you’ve done your blood tests at this point, you may be aware of your deficiencies and curious about what daily supplementation may do for you. Here are some of the most common nutrients and how they impact your body over time.


Vitamin D

Helps protect you from illness, boosts your mood, and helps you stay active.

One month: If you’re deficient, this is the soonest you can expect vitamin D levels to double in your body. You may see early signs your energy is increasing and everyday movements are a little easier.

Six months: When you get bloodwork done, vitamin D levels should now be within the optimum range. Energy levels should be stable throughout the day (no more hitting a wall at 3 pm), and things that might have irritated you or made you anxious before just don’t bother you as much.

One year: Vitamin D levels are optimal, so you’re not feeling stiff and sore after a big workout. You may realize you don’t get sick as often and if you do get sick, it might not last as long.



Benefits your heart health and keeps you from getting sick.

One week: This is the early days. You won’t feel any different, but your thyroid gland is going to start storing selenium for the next time you get sick.

One month: If you’re deficient, this is about how long it will take your body to get a decent amount of selenium to help out your immune system and your heart health.

Six months: Mental fog may decrease in your everyday life. When your body detects a virus, it may respond faster to fight it off.

One year: You should now be at optimum selenium levels. Your risk for coronary disease will decrease and your immune system is boosted.


Protects your eyes and skin as you age.

One week: Your body can’t make lutein, it can only absorb it through your diet. You won’t notice any physical changes at this point, but the lutein has begun to do its work.

One month: The lutein in your system has begun reducing the stressors that cause cells to age prematurely. You are building foundations to improve your skin health and eye health.

Six months: You’re about halfway there for protecting yourself from vision loss as you age. Also, your risk of developing cataracts should now be lower.

One year: The lutein has collected in your eyes and stays there to protect them. You are now at a lower risk to experience decreasing vision quality as you age.


Supports healthy skin and an active immune system.

One week: Zinc is tough for your body to absorb, so it’s important to take small amounts over a long period of time. The Zinc in Future Proof is in a form that’s easier for your body to absorb.

One month: Healing properties of Zinc are in the very early stages of emerging. In a few more months, Zinc levels will increase to the point where cuts and scrapes heal faster.

Six months: Your mood is stable and your skin looks healthier. Zinc levels in your body may now be reducing plaque build-up in your heart.

One year: When a virus makes it into your body, your zinc levels make it more difficult for the virus to replicate. You may get sick less often and for a shorter period of time.

Vitamin E

A powerful antioxidant that cleans up junk in your system.

One week: If you haven’t been taking vitamin E supplements to this point, your body will need time to build up vitamin E to optimum levels.

One month: If you were low in vitamin E, your body has likely built up a healthy supply of this vitamin to supply the daily systems in your body that need it.

Six months: Mental clarity could be improved, as vitamin E levels associated with positive antioxidant effects grow.

One year: Vitamin E levels have reached optimum levels. Your skin looks healthier and more nourished. Your risk for certain heart disease has decreased.


B Vitamins (B1, B2, B6)

Help your body turn your food into energy and improve your mood.

One week: No physical changes as your body processes the B vitamins. In the coming weeks, oxygen levels in your blood will increase, which can help with healing, energy levels, and mood.

One month: Levels of B vitamins in your body will help you efficiently turn your food into energy. You begin noticing positive effects on your mood and possibly reduced anxiety.

Six months: Energy levels should be improved, so you don’t get hit with mid-afternoon tiredness. You may notice it’s easier to build muscle mass from strength workouts.

One year: Energy levels are significantly improved. You feel better throughout your day and have more stamina when exercising.



Helps the nervous system and the immune system function at their best.

One week: You may not feel physical changes, but your body is absorbing the copper so it is available to help your immune system when needed.

One month: If you are deficient in copper, the one month mark is the earliest you can expect levels to get to normal. At this point, if you're exposed to a virus, your immune system reacts quickly.

Six months: Energy levels will increase and you will notice that everyday activities don’t tire you out as much. Your skin may look healthier.

One year: You get sick less often and it doesn’t last as long, because your body can make immune cells more efficiently. You may find your brain is sharper and you can learn new concepts faster.



Helps your body produce hormones that regulat imoprtant functions in your body.

One week: Your body has begun replenishing Iodine. We need tiny, frequent doses of iodine because we don’t store it well.

One month: Your mood will stabilize and you may begin to notice you are less tired during exercise.

Six months: Energy levels will feel stable throughout the day as the hormones associated with digestion reach their ideal levels.

One year: Your energy levels may further improve. You could feel stronger during exercise and notice less fluctuation in your weight.


Beta 1,3 glucan

Helps the on-going functions of your immune system.

One week: Your body is using the beta glucans as a fiber source in your digestive system. This has just begun to fuel the growth of healthy bacteria.

One month: Blood sugar levels normalize, which supports the health of your eyes and heart.

Six months: Levels of “bad” cholesterol could decrease. Your immune system may react faster and work more efficiently, so you don’t get as sick when a virus or infection hits.

One year: You may be sick less often, or if you do get sick, it may be for a shorter period of time. Tests may show you’ve reduced your cholesterol and improved your heart health.

There are so many different variables that affect how your body absorbs and uses vitamins and micronutrients. The above timeline gives you some idea of what you may experience under ideal conditions when taking Future Proof regularly. 

No matter what, the most important part of your supplement routine is actually taking your vitamins daily. Future Proof makes it easy by giving you a convenient daily dose with just three small pills inside of one pack. The box was designed with a simple and tasteful look so it will look good when you leave it out on your counter or desk.

If you've done your homework, you know important taking the right supplements can be for your body. We invite you to give Future Proof a try.