9 Steps To Creating Future Proof

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With clinically proven ingredients designed to boost immune function and longevity of essential organs.
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There are many choices in the supplement world and not all supplements are built the same. Take a moment to learn the Future Proof story so you can decide if our approach to immunity and longevity is a fit for your wellness goals.


Our eyes were opened to the fact that you can’t boost your immune system overnight

You never know the moment your body’s immune system will need to jump into action and deliver its most effective response. We wanted a way to proof our bodies - to the extent they can be - against viruses and infections - anything that would take time away from our careers and families


Catching a cold or the flu happens to all of us but we can attempt to impact how sick we get

When you get sick, and we all do eventually, the reaction speed and availability of immune cells is key to getting better faster and with less symptoms. In our research we found BetaVia, an American made product derived from the algae Euglena gracilis, that supports year-round immunity.


Ensuring that you get a baseline supplementation to boost your immune system should not be hard

Each of us had a supplement graveyard in our homes with expensive supplements, many of them well past their shelf life. We’re told to get this and to get that, to eat enough of this and less of that. Keeping track of what you need to take every day and remembering to also actually take it is not a sustainable solution. We knew that out of sight meant out of mind so we designed Future Proof to be a beautiful container that our customers would happily leave out as a reminder and to come delivered to your home every month.


Not all vitamins and minerals are equal

The model so many vitamin and supplement companies are built on is flawed. They design a product that will last as long as possible on a store shelf. They use ingredients they can get as cheaply as possible, whether or not they’re in a form your body can use. At Future Proof we take the quality of our ingredients seriously. We look to science and nature to find results-based proof of the benefits for each ingredient we use. They’re prepared in a form that’s optimized for your body to use. This is not the cheap way to do it. But we’re investing in health for the long haul. Which allowed us to make long-term commitments to source our ingredients from some of the best health and nutrient suppliers in the entire world.


Getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals from diet alone is not realistic

Nutrient efficacy is at it’s best when derived through diet, yes, but will you eat 54oz of salmon a day? How does 12 eggs a day for enough Zinc sound? Eating well is essential so we designed Future Proof as a solid baseline supplement product with a healthy diet in mind. 


More is not more

The best supplement is the one you take daily, for several years. We believe most people will be able to easily continue a routine of three small pills a day and we also removed any extreme amounts of any given ingredients to avoid toxicity and other side effects like nausea. The next time you see a brand boasting hundreds of percent over the recommended daily value, think twice about taking that product


We’ve come to the conclusion that slow and steady wins the race

With over 20 years of experience in building companies and exercising like athletes it was clear to us that we needed a balanced supplement formulated with decades of consumption in mind, not the hottest new super nutrient


Every individual has a different need for micronutrients but there is a baseline we all share

We designed Future Proof to provide a solid baseline of micronutrients for everyone with immunity and longevity as the goal. Specific needs can then be tailored for through blood tests and targeted supplementation as needed.


We are concerned about the effects of blue light on the health and longevity of our eyes

Americans spend on average almost four hours a day in front of screens (not including TVs) and the harmful blue light damages the retina in the back of our eyes. This can lead to a variety of daily annoyances like itchy eyes and headaches to more severe early onset of macular degeneration and eventually blindness


Future Proof yourself

For those taking an active interest in their long-term health Future Proof is a clinically-proven dietary supplement optimized to deliver you the best nutrients and vitamins in a convenient daily dose. If you’re ready to start a supplement routine that you’ll be continuing for years down the road to support your immunity and longevity, Future Proof is here to help.